Manage Listing Types

Disabled by Default

Listing Types are disabled by default. If you need this extra level of organization you can enable them by visiting ” Appearance > Customize > Listings > Labels & Behavior” and uncheck “Categories only

Listing Types can be seen as the upper most organizational item. It is one level above a category. For example, if you are setting up a directory of restaurants, your types might be:

  • Cafe
  • Bar
  • Diner
  • Juice Bar
  • Ice Cream Parlor

Then you would use  Listing Categories for further organization, possibly by cuisine. If you only need one level of organization it is recommended to use Listing Types before Listing Categories.

Adding a Type

If you have not imported the  demo content you will need to add your own Listing Types. To do this, simply visit your WordPress dashboard. Then on the left hand side find the “Listings” menu item and click “Listing Types”.

Add and remove types like a standard WordPress category or tag. 

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