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Singular and Plural Labels

The default noun used to describe listings on your website is Event — this is used to name things like Event TypeEvent Category, etc. 

This noun is also used to create your URL structures such as

To change this, simply tweak the Singular Label and Plural Label settings. This will automatically update and generate new texts and URL structures.

Once you have done this you MUST visit Settings ▸ Permalinks and click Save — Your website will result in error pages if you do not do this.

Base Country

This option is only available when WooCommerce is activated.

Where your website is based from. This controls the autocomplete priority, distance units (miles or kilometers), and more.

Address Format

Defines the Address format for your events. This option will help set your events address format according to your Country.
Learn how to define per-country formats in our Documentation

  • None 
    No format set. Events location will be displayed in the same format it was entered.
  • Auto Formatted
    Events Address Formatted according to the default settings
  • Coordinates
    Displays the Events Coordinates

Social Profiles

By default, social profiles are associated with a user’s account. This means that if one user submits multiple events their social profiles will appear the same across all events. These accounts can be managed in My Account ▸ Edit.

  • Associate with user
  • Associate with event

Changing this setting to Associate with event will move the account fields to the Event Submission form and profiles will be unique to each listing. 

Use Directory Submission Fields

Enable this option to use the custom fields provided with the Eventify theme. This adds fields such as phone number, business hours, gallery images, and more.

Disable this option if you are using a multilingual plugin.

Enable this option to allow users to post comments on individual gallery images. 

Allow Star Ratings on Events.

Collect a star-rating when users leave a comment on Events.

Disabling this option hides the Star Rating on Events and just allows users to write comments.

Use Categories Only

Enable this option to using Event Categories as the top level of organization. When disabled a new taxonomy Event Types will appear and take priority.

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