How to change the display of Job Listings

Within the jobs listing page you can change how the jobs are displayed within the page. The default style shows all sections [Job logo, Job Location and Job Type] under different columns on a single row You can style the page to show the listings with the inline CSS property. […]

How to style the claim listing to a button

With the claim listing plugin, it creates a link within your listing page for users to be able to claim a listing. Using this guide, you can convert this link into a button with a background color and other more styling. Here is a screenshot with an example: To achieve […]

Jobify Skin 1

The Jobify theme has recently been based on pure WordPress widgets in the past with only classic and extended skins to show off from our demos. With the latest version 3.19.0, we have introduced another skin of the theme and added smoother compatibility with Elementor to help build some pages […]

How to Create the Submit your Company Page

In this guide, we will show you how employers can submit their company to be visible on the front-end by candidates. For this to funtion, you will need the company listing plugin. Here is a demo screencast of how this page should be: By default this plugin will create these […]

How to Remove Maps in Jobify Results page

If you have your demo imported the most times you will have the Jobs results page indicating the map section at the top of the page. This simply displays the location of all the job listings within the map using pins. The maps display within this page because the template […]

How to enable Geo-Location in Listing post editors

In this guide you will learn how to add the GeoLocation fields so that your listings are visible on the map with the map pin indicators. To do so head over to Listings > All listings and edit your individual listings. In the individual post editor section of your listing […]

Map Not Showing in Listing Submission Page

This is a common issue whereby users are not able to find the map locator while submitting their listing. For this feature to be enabled, you do require the Extended Location plugin installed and activated. Then follow these steps: Go to Listings > Settings and access the Location tab. Ensure […]

What User Locator is Used for?

We recently released a new plugin which is User Locator. Just by what the name suggests, it is basically for getting the address of the user. User locator geolocates a user’s location and automatically populates the ‘Location’ search field. However, it does require an SSL certificate to work. Please ensure […]