How to install and use Auto Location

This Plugin helps users show location suggestions relevant to their users based on the location or address they enter on that location search field. Rather than users having to guess a location to search their listings, the plugin automatically suggests the location based on the first characters the user enters. […]

What is Auto Job Suggest plugin used for?

This Plugin helps users show Job suggestions that you have added to your site based on the characters they enter on that keyword search field. In the suggestions, they see similar job titles that can interest them and which they might not have come across otherwise. Plugin Installation and License […]

How To Add a PopUp with Modalify Plugin

With Modalify, you can create seamless popups in your listing website to build your email list. As the plugin name suggests, it has the modal form of opening popups which is something good. Below are some of the steps you need to follow when creating a popup with the plugin. […]

Modalify Popup Pro Settings

In this section, the users have an option to set the various settings of their popup. The settings in the plugin comprise of three sections which are the PopUp Global Settings, the PopUp Welcome Settings, and the PopUpExit Settings. Popup Global Settings In this section, you can enable or disable […]

Events▸ Map Marker Colors

Add Colors To set a unique color for a specific category follow the steps below: Search for the category (or categories) in the search box. Choose the color you want to assign to the marker. Click Add Color Once set the category and its associated color will appear below. Tip: Multiple […]

Events▸ Map Appearance

Some color schemes may show/hide extra information. Please read more about creating a custom scheme similar to our Listify theme. Default Dark Apple Gowalla Mapbox Blue Water Light Monochrome Ultra-Light

Installing Your Eventify Theme

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed. For information in regard to installing the WordPress platform, please see the  WordPress Codex article on installation. Installation The theme files can be uploaded in two ways: FTP Upload: Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped […]

Creating a Child Theme

With the main Eventify theme, a child theme is automatically created when the Demo Content is imported in the Setup Guide. Within the “Choose Site Content” section, once a demo import is triggered the child theme will automatically be downloaded and activated as well. That’s it! You now have a […]