How To Create Tickets With the Eventify Theme

When it comes to creating tickets this is just a standard step of the way you add WordPress products to your site.

To create tickets for events on Eventify we need to follow the steps below:

Adding a product/ticket 

  1. Download and install WP Job Manager Products plugin.
  2. Products > Add new. 
  3. Add details regarding the event like;
    Name: Ticket for <event name>

Product Description: Here the admin can add details regarding the event or any special instructions they want to give to the event attendees.

Product Image: Admin can upload images regarding the event for the users to see when they login to the website to purchase the tickets.

Product Data: Set the product type to “Simple Product” and select “Virtual” and “Downloadable” checkboxes.
In this section the admin can set the price of each ticket and the total ticket stock. Here they can also schedule a sale, add a downloadable file, add a purchase note etc.

  1. After adding the product details click publish.

Linking the ticket to an event:

  1. Events > All Events. Click edit on the event to which the ticket is to be added.
  2. Under “Select your Services & Product” select the ticket/product that was made for the event.
  3. Click update.

The customers will now be able to see and purchase the ticket from the website.
Note: To enhance the functionality of the ticket system the website owner would need both Products Plugin as well as Woocommerce Bookings plugin. Follow the link for instructions.

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