Steps on How to Creating a New Event

The Eventify theme is an easy-to-use theme with different functionalities. However, the main functionality of the theme should be well known to its users as well.

This documentation takes you through some easy-to-follow steps of creating an event once you have finished installing and setting up the theme.

Step 1: Access the Events Post Type

Upon installing the theme, it creates a post type named as events where you can add a new event and include new taxonomies, i.e categories, types e.t.c.

Step 2: Select Add New Event

Within the event post type menu, you need to click on the Add  New link to start the creation process of your event.

Step 3: Title & Description

Next ensure that you give the event a New Title and Description to your event here. This is essential for your users to be able to identify it while performing searches.

Step 4: Event Location

In this section you should enter the location to which the event is. This can be inserted as an address or a city as well.

Step 5: Event Data

The event data is the most important section that users are most interested in. It contains fields that describe or gives more information about the event.

  1. Posted By: This displays the user profile who posted the event.
  2. Company Email: Enter the email of the company posting the event.
  3. Company Website: Enter the website URL of the company responsible for the event.
  4. Company Logo: Upload the image logo/avatar of the company here.
  5. Company Video: This is an optional field if you have a company video.
  6. Event Date: Enter the date to which the event is supposed to happen
  7. Featured Listing: With this option, you can mark your event as featured. All featured events are displayed at the top of the results page.
  8. Claimed: Shows or marks if this event listing is claimed by someone or not.
  9. Event Price: Enter the price to be charged during the event if any.
  10. Event Rating: Enter a rating for the event.

Step 5: Event Organizers Section

In this section, you can select the names of the event organizers in this text area. You can add speakers in the speaker’s custom post type.

Step 6: Events Schedules Section

You need to enter the days for the event in this section, plus you can add a few details or description of what will happen during that day. You can enter several schedules here as well.

Step 7: Event Sponsors

This part lets you add several sponsors for your event. Within this section, you can add the following fields:

  • Sponsors Title
  • Sponsors Image
  • Sponsors URL

Step 8: Assign Event Taxonomies

Here, you can select the respective taxonomies of your events. Usually they may include categories and tags. You may add others depending on the plugins you install on your site.

With these options, you need to upload images of your event. First, you can upload the main image of the event here that is able to capture the viewer’s attention.

Then you will need to upload several other images to give a broader view of your event.

Step 10: Publish your Event

Lastly you simply need to hit the publish button for your event to go live on your website.

Please note, installing any other recommended plugins that are supported by the Eventify theme may add other fields within this editor page. Thus this can change depending on the plugins you have installed.

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