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This widget requires the “Testimonials by WooThemes” plugin:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/testimonials-by-woothemes/

Once you have added your testimonials via “Testimonials > Add New” use this widget to display individual testimonials. Drag the ” Testimonials” widget to the Homepage widget area.

In order for the Testimonials to show the author, website, and text, the settings need to be very specific:


  • Title — The title of the widget. This can be anything.
  • Limit — The number of testimonials you want to display.
  • Testimonials Per Row: This must be 0
  • Image Size — This must be  70
  • Display Author — This must be checked
  • Display Avatar — This must be checked
  • Display URL — This must be unchecked
  • Category — The category you have assigned companies to

When creating Company testimonials, the logos should be uploaded a minimum of  200px wide. To make these images retina-ready, you can upload images that are 400px wide, and they will be scaled down to the correct size.

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