How to add Comments in Job Listings

In order to add comments within your job listing pages, you will need to carry out the following: 1. Add the code below within the functions.php file of the child theme: 2. Navigate to your theme files under the Jobify>single-job_listing.php file and add the code below just after the content() […]

Widgets Visibility Control

In a case for example where you would wish to display a widget only to logged in users or rather control the visibility of widgets to various user roles, you can have this accomplished using the If Widget – Visibility control for Widgets plugin.The plugin provides a number of options […]

Related Job Listings Logic

The related jobs feature rendered jobs based on; 1. Job Categories: If you have assigned various jobs a specific category, then these will be displayed within the “Related jobs” section. 2. Job Tags (If Present): This will depend on whether you have installed the Job Tags plugin. This plugin will […]

Steps to Ensure that Search Results are displayed

There are a number of things that you would need check in order to avoid this: 1. Ensure that you have setup your Listings Page properly For a proper setup of the listing page we recommend first installing the Classic Editor plugin.This will disable the Gutenberg editor throughout the site. […]

Sorting Listings By Views

In order to have listings sorted by views, you will need to first install the  Stats For WP Job Manager plugin, and set up the stats dashboard page. For more information on how to setup the WP Job Manager – Stats plugin, please visit the WP Job Manager – Stats […]

Creating a Custom Home Page using Elementify

To create a custom home page using Elementor and Elementify, you will need to carry out the following steps: Navigate to your dashboard under the Pages>Add New section and create a new page Set the page template to “Elementor Full Width” Select the “Edit With Elementor” option Drag the “Listify […]