Translating Your Entire Website

Note: Jobify may already be translated in your language! Please read this article before proceeding. 

Tell WordPress what language to use. Visit “Options > General” and select your language.
If your website is not translated once you have selected your language please follow the next steps.

Add Your Own Translation

Download the Poedit program to start translating the theme.
Open /wp-content/themes/jobify/languages/jobify.pot with Poedit and translate all of the strings in your language. Make sure you select your language including the dialect. A full list of supported languages can be found here.
Save your .po file (created when you start the translation) then visit “File > Compile to .mo” and save your .mo file next to the .po file in /wp-content/themes/jobify/languages/
Upload your translation to Transifex!

More information regarding translating themes can be found here:

Contribute Your Translation to The Theme Core Files

Core translations are hosted on  Transifex. Anyone can sign-up and start translating here and any updates will be included in the Jobify theme updates.

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