Create a Register Page

Create a Combination Form

By default, WooCommerce does not use a separate registration page. To enable registration next to the Login form on your website visit WooCommerce Settings Accounts and check “Enable registration form on My Account page.”

Now when you visit the  My Account page as a guest you will see both a login and register form. See how to create the My Account page.

Create a Separate Registration Form

If you would like to have a separate page for your log in form and register form you can easily do so with the WooCommerce Simple Registration plugin.

Install and activate the WooCommerce Simple Registration plugin.
Create a new “Register” page and add the [woocommerce_simple_registration] shortcode to the page.

Tip: Hide this Page for Logged-in Users

Read how to only show this page to logged out users.

Customize the Registration Form

Since the registration form is powered by WooCommerce you can use any tutorial or plugin built for WooCommerce to customize this form.  View a guide to adding custom registration form fields.

Add the Role Selector Field

Visit Appearance → Customize → General → Accounts and choose the roles you would like users to be able to register with. Once more than one role is selected the dropdown field will appear. For more information review the Accounts customizer settings documentation article.

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