How to Add Social Links To Footer in Vendrify

Footer social links are considered a way to push users to visit the site owners’ social profiles. With Vendrify you can add social links on your footer as shown in the demo here on the bottom right section.

To add the Footer social link you would need to associate it with the navigation menu. Thus you can first create the social menu.

The social menu refers to the social navigation menu items which can be displayed anywhere within the web page using widgets.

To add items to this menu, you use the same steps as a standard WordPress menu. If you do not have a menu created already, you will need to create one.

To create a new menu,

  • Go to your WP- Admin > Appearance > Menus
  • Click the “create a new menu” link, give the menu a name, and click the Save Menu button. 
  • You may opt to assign it to the footer section or not as the menu location.

After a menu is created, then detail items can be added to the menu. 

  • Choose the custom links item from the left column to add to the menu. 
  • Then enter the link of the social profile and the name respectively.  For instance enter  Facebook and “”.
  • Once done, do the same for other social profiles that you need to include such as twitter, instagram e.t.c.

When you have finished building your social profile custom menu, make sure you click the Save Menu button.

Available Icons

The theme does support several social icons as indicated in the list below. The icons are generated automatically by theme thus you do not have to worry about them.

Navigation Label                               URL

Facebook                                 * 

Twitter                                     * 

Instagram                                * 

Vimeo                                       * 

Google+                                 * 

Pinterest                                 * 

LinkedIn                                 * 

RSS                                                     http://*.rss 

To add them to the footer you would need to have this done using widgets. By default the theme comes with several widget sections along the footer. You can opt to choose where to place your social items either from the far left, center or right.

To add the widget:

  • Go to WP-Admin >Appearance > Widgets
  • You should see the Footer Widgets section on the right where you can include your widgets.
  • On the left look for the Navigation Menu widget, then drag it to the Footer Widget section.
  • To edit it, select the menu that you created in the previous step “Social Menu”, and give the widget a title “Our Community”.
  • Then click save to update the changes.

This should then display the social media profiles within the footer section as shown below.

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