Translating Pages with WPML

Landify is an awesome modern and highly customizable multipurpose theme, officially recommended by Elementor. It comes with 170+ very nice design and complete website templates which you can simply import and edit in Elementor which cover almost any type of website including, business, shop, agency, portfolio, news & magazine, food & restaurant, travel, and photography. Landify integration with WPML allows you to build modern and nice multilingual websites with ease.

Getting started

Make sure that the Landify theme is activated, by going to the Appearance → Themes page. After that, please make sure to install and activate the Landify Core Elements and Landify Pro Tools plugins to enable the full functionality of the Landify theme.

After that, make sure that the WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management, and WPML Media Translation plugins are activated.

WPML translation tools

WPML offers two translation editors you can use for translating your site’s content:

Besides translating your site content yourself, you can also:

Translating pages

With WPML, you can translate any type of content on your site, including pages and posts. For an easy start, read our Getting Started Guide.

Translating portfolio pages and categories

To translate  Portfolio items or any custom post-type items, you need to follow the same steps as for translating any other types of pages. Visit our documentation page for exact steps on translating the contents yourself. Please note that the Landify Portfolio plugin is a part of the Landify theme package.

Portfolio Categories can be translated while translating your pages, on the  Translation Editor screen. There, you can translate the Portfolio elements as well as your  Portfolio Categories.

Additionally, you can translate your Portfolio Categories on the  WPML → Taxonomy Translation page. Select the Portfolio Categories from the drop-down menu and a list of your categories will appear. Click the plus icon to translate a category for the respective language and use the dialog box that appears to add your translation.

Keep in mind that the translations of categories are universal: if you make a change, they will be updated everywhere.

Translating texts from Landify theme, plugins, and other places

Besides content coming from posts and pages on your site, there are usually some texts coming from other places. The most common examples are themes and plugins.

To learn how to translate these texts, read our documentation page about translating strings.

Translating menus

With WPML, you can easily synchronize your language menus. For more information, please see our complete menus translation tutorial.

Translating WooCommerce elements using WCML

To translate everything that WooCommerce offers, download the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin (WCML) from your WPML account. Visit our dedicated WCML documentation to learn how to setup a multilingual store and translate your products, categories, variations, shipping classes, and more.

Known Issues

Right now, there are no known compatibility issues between the Landify and WPML.

Getting help from our support

In case you need help translating your site built using The7 theme and WPML, visit WPML’s support forum.

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