Updating the Landify Theme

Before Updating please read all the release notes for the update, found in the changelog. Be sure to read the notes for every release since the last time you updated. Also, consider deactivating caching plugins temporarily to avoid the caching of old markup.

You can enable the Auto-Updating feature for Landify.

Automatic Update 

Updating Landify theme will always work when you have done all setups correctly.

Before using the automatic update method, please note that you need to activate your purchased license. If you are seeing the notification at the top telling you to activate the theme license, it means that your license is not activated on your current domain and therefore you can’t use the automatic update.

After activating your license, simply head over to the Landify Pro dashboard, and under the Update menu, you will see any pending updates. By simply clicking the Update Now button, everything will be updated.

Once done it should inform you of the same but you can always check again for any pending ones.

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