Generating an Invoice for your Plugin

In order to generate an invoice for your Astoundify plugins’ purchase, you will need to carry out the following: Login to your Astoundify Account using the account that you used to purchase the plugin Within the Asoundify dashboard downloads section, click on the “Receipt” link to the plugin you wish to […]

Translating the Theme

In order to translate or change test in the theme or plugins, we recommend either of the following methods: 1. Using a plugin: With the help of the Loco Translate Plugin, it is actually possible to easily translate or rather Strings from the base PO file. 2. By Code: You […]

Why does my registration popup appear blank

The registration popup can appear blank in the following instances. 1. If the “My Account” page is not specified within the WooCommerce>Settings>Advanced>Page Setup section.  2. In a case where the option “anyone can register” is disabled within the Settings>General>Membership section.

Implementing a Sign In and Sign Up Popup Menu

The sign In and Sign Up popup overlay within our demos can be replicated following the steps below: 1. Sign In Navigate to the Appearance>Menu section and on the primary menu: i) Add a custom link and set “Sign in” as the navigation label ii) Within the URL section, add your account […]

Typography ▸ Font Pack

Much like a color scheme, a Font Pack is a set of predefined options. Once a font pack has been chosen you can adjust the individual typography settings in the Font Subset, Global, Content Box Headings, Page Headings, Homepage Widget Headings, Homepage Widget Descriptions, and Button sections.

Setting Up Your Forms

For complete documentation for “WP Job Manager – Contact Listing” please visit our documentation area for this plugin. Once activated you will also need to activate one of the three integrated contact form plugins:  Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, or Contact Form 7. Please read the respective documentation for further configuration options for each […]

Listings ▸ Labels & Behavior

Singular and Plural Labels The default noun used to describe listings on your website is Listing — this is used to name things like Listing Type, Listing Category, etc.  This noun is also used to create your URL structures such as  To change this, simply adjust the Singular Label […]