If using WooCommerce bookings, can listing owners edit their time availability for bookings or does the site administrator need to handle all booking management?

Yes. When using the  WooCommerce Bookings  and WooCommerce Product Vendors plugins the listing owner can manage the availability of the booking times, from within the WordPress / WooCommerce vendor management backend. More details on  WooCommerce Booking + Product Vendors can be found on the respective sales pages. Disclaimer: The vendor plugins mentioned in this article display the WordPress […]

Page Template: Widgetized

Listify 1.0.1 allows you to create as many widgetized pages as you need. This allows you to mirror the functionality of your homepage on any interior page of your website. First, create a new page in WordPress. Then on the right hand side in “Page Attributes” assign the “Widgetized” page […]

Style Kit

Quickly brand your site without having to have a degree in design. A style kit adjusts multiple customization options at once; this provides a great starting point for customizing the appearance of your website. Once a style kit is chosen you can adjust settings individually in the various customizer sections […]

Translate the Search/Update Buttons

If you are trying to change the “Search/Update Listings” form submit buttons with  Say What you may have noticed it does not work.  To make sure the string is translated, make sure these are your settings in Say What. Take special note of the “Context” setting. Original String: Search Domain: listify Context: search […]

Manage Listing Regions

You can add another layer of organization to your Listify theme using the  WP Job Manager – Pre Defined Regions plugin. This plugin adds a “Job Region” taxonomy so the site administrator can control a set of predefined regions listings can be assigned to. With this plugin installed, you can […]

How to Setup Menus

Vendify comes with 5 different built-in locations to display menus. If you’ve imported the demo content, then you will have 5 menus already created for you. To setup your website fully, you need to assign these menus to their appropriate locations. To assign the menus, go to Appearance ▸ Menus […]

Manage the Footer Menu

This is the menu rendered within the footer section of the site: To add items to this menu, you use the same steps you would a standard WordPress menu. If you do not have a menu created already, you will need to create one. To create a new menu, click […]