Listing: Label/Amenities

Overview Widget Area: Single Listing: Sidebar Intended Purpose: Output a list of selected Labels/amenities for this listing. Settings Title (optional) The title of the widget. Icon Class (optional) The accompanying icon next to the title. Choose icon class from Setup To assign an icon to each tag, simply visit Customize > Listings > Listing Label […]

Claim a Listing

Note: This option is only available if the WP Job Manager – Claim listings plugin is inactive When ” WP Job Manager – Contact Listing” is active you’ll see a new form option in “Listings > Settings“. Assign the form you would like to use for users to be able to […]

Creating Your Homepage

Listify features a full widgetized homepage template that allows you to add and order your homepage content however you would like. To create your homepage visit “Pages > Add New”. On the right side of your screen assign the “Homepage” template in the “Page Attributes” area. Create a Static Front […]

Listing: Map & Contact Details

Overview Widget Area: Single Listing: Sidebar Intended Purpose: Output a map with a marker of the listing’s location and relevant contact information. Settings Display Map (optional) Output the map Display Address (optional) Output the address Display Phone Number (optional) Output the phone number Display Email (optional) Output the contact email Display Website (optional) Output the […]

Listings ▸ Search Page

Display Map & Results Results Only Map Position This option is only available when Display is set to Map & Results.  Left The Map will be displayed on the left of the page while Results are on the right. Right The Map will be displayed on the right of the […]

Create “Static” Listing Pages for SEO

Often times it is beneficial to create “static” result pages that be linked to directly. This way you can construct URLs in any manner you would like. For example: All Listings in London 1 Visit Pages > Add New 2 Insert the following shortcode in the description: [jobs location=London] […]

Listings ▸ Map Settings

Google Maps API Key View full documentation for adding an API key Marker Popup Trigger Control when the popup containing additional information for each marker is shown. Hover Click Autopan to Popup Enable this option to automatically center the viewport on the marker you hover over. Default Location View The default […]