Adding Icons to Custom Field Widget

If you are using the WP Job Manager – Field Editor plugin and outputting your custom fields using their built in  Custom Fields Widget, you can match the default Listify style by adding an icon to the custom field widget title, you can do so with a little custom CSS.


Find the Widget ID

Browse to the front end of your listing and  inspect the widget and look for the unique widget ID:

The id will be in the format jmfe_widget-x. Take note of this ID. In this example the id is jmfe_widget-2


Choose Your Icon

Visit the Ion  Icons Cheet Sheet to find the CSS Content of the icon you would like to use.

Keep note of this Content code. In this example, the content code is \f35b


Add the CSS

Add the below CSS snippet to your child theme’s style.css file or you can add it to JetPack’s CSS module.

Take close note of the changes you have to make to the code to fit your needs.

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