Getting Started With Listify


The Listify theme comes with a comprehensive step-by-step setup guide that will help you get the theme setup similar to the demo. To use the setup guide, follow the steps below after you have  installed the theme. Once you have that done, lets get started!

Find The Setup Guide

When installing the theme for the first time, you will automatically be redirected to the setup guide. If not, simply go to Getting Started ▸ Setup Guide

Follow The Setup Guide

Carefully go through each step of the Setup Guide until you have completed it. Make sure you follow the instructions included with each step.

More details on each step:

A few things to keep in mind while you’re using the setup guide:

  • When going through the setup guide, in some cases you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate section of the WordPress dashboard to perform the step. However, you will not be automatically redirected back to the setup guide. Make sure you go back to the setup guide (Getting Started ▸ Setup Guide) after you have finished the step.
  • Although this will help you get the theme set up, it may not look exactly like the theme. This is because our demo contains some premium plugins that are not included with the theme.


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