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Homepage Filters

Filters to display on the homepage Hero Search.

Result Page Filters

Filters to display on the Results Page. The filters chosen for the homepage must be included here to allow those filters to be updated.

Filters Included for both the Homepage and Results page are :

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Category

Simply choose the filters and the order you want them to appear.

Display Style

Setting adds or hides a Border around the Search Results Filters in the Results page.

  • Content Box
  • Boxless

Enable Autocomplete for Locations

Enable this option to add the default autocomplete feature available for the locations field.

Show Update button

Enable this option to display the update button on the Results Page in order to trigger a search criteria update.

Output Search Filters Meta

Enable this option to display both RSS Link and Reset Link.

Enable this option to display RSS Link.

Enable this option to display Reset Link.

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