Add Custom Information to the Map Marker Popup

Adding custom information to the map marker popup is simple and allows for an easy way to display additional information about a listing without having to click through. 

Add the Custom Data

The first step is to pass the data we want to add to our listing result item. This can be done with the listify_listing_data filter. In this example I will display the date the listing was added.

Add the following code to your child theme’s functions.php file:

This code simply adds another item to the array of information passed to each listing item when it is output.

Modify the Marker Popup Template

Next we need to move the templates/tmpl-map-popup.php template file to the child theme so we can safely modify it. Copy it to listify-child/templates/tmpl-map-popup.php.

Once added to our child theme we can access the date_added key we created earlier. So our new template may look like:

Specifically lines 62-63 which use the Mustache template system to output the new item.

Note: Escaped HTML

The data is passed to each listing via HTML data attributes and therefore must not contain any unescaped HTML.


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