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  • Widget Area: Homepage
  • Intended Purpose: Display columns of “Features” your website includes. Each item includes a title, image, and descriptive text.


  • Title (optional)
    The title of the widget. Shown above the listings.
  • Description (optional)
    The subtext or subtitle text that shows below the widget title.
  • Text Align
    The Setting determines how the text is displayed horizontally within the Feature. Text can be Aligned to the Left, Right, or Center of the Feature.

Adding a Feature

To add a feature, simply click “Add Feature” once the widget has been added. You will be presented with the following options:

  • Title
    The title for this feature item
  • Choose an Image
    Upload an image that will be displayed at the top of the feature. Upload the image at double the size you want it to appear as it will automatically be adjusted to account for retina displays.
  • Description
    The  description or content for this feature item.

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