Page: Feature Callout


  • Widget Area: Homepage
  • Intended Purpose: Display an image and text describing an aspect of your website. This widget does not support a slider or a video.


  • Text Align
    The alignment the text should take. “Center” can only be applied to the “Cover” style (full background image).
  • Image Style
  • “Pull” will set the image to 50% of the width of the page with the text on either side. “Cover” will use the image as a full-width background image.

  • Image Position
  • Setting to adjust the position of the image within the widget.

  • Use Transparent Overlay
    Add a transparent black layer over your image and above your text (“Cover” only). This is helpful if your image is very bright.
  • Add standard spacing above/below widget
    Option to add spacing at the top and bottom of the Callout widget.
  • Text Color
    The color your text will appear
  • Background Color
    The color behind your text (“Pull” only).
  • Title
    The title for your feature. Appears above the content.
  • Content
    The content for your feature. Appears below the title.
  • Image
    The image that will be used for the feature.

PRO TIP: Need to add a button to your widget? See here: Button Style Guide

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