Create a Popup Window

With Listify you can easily use links throughout your site to open popup/modal windows. Listify has two types of popups:

  • Inline
  • AJAX

Inline loads content that already exists on your current page. AJAX uses the link’s URL as the source to load in to the popup window.

To create an Inline popup:

  1. Add “popup-trigger” to the link’s class <a class="popup-trigger">Open Popup</a>
  2. Add the ID of the DIV to the link’s href <a href="#my-popup" class="popup-trigger">Open Popup</a>
  3. Create the DIV that you want to appear. <div id="my-popup" class="popup">My Popup</div>

To create an AJAX popup (loads content from another page):

  1. Add “popup-trigger-ajax” to the link’s class <a class="popup-trigger-ajax">Open Popup</a>
  2. Add the URL to the link’s href <a href="" class="popup-trigger-ajax">Open Popup</a>Note: The URL must be an internal resource (on your same domain).

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