Why Do I Get 0 Results When Searching by Location

By default Listify uses geolocation data to search for listings. This means coordinates are used to determine if the listings should be included in the results or not. So searching for “Florida” will pick the geographical center point of Florida and include results within your specified search radius. 

Use the following tips to adjust the behavior of location searching:

  • To increase the default search radius you can adjust the values in Customize ▸ Listings ▸ Map Settings.
  • If you would like to include all results that contain the keyword “Florida” in the specified location in your results then you can hide the Location field and use the Keyword field to return results based on the Locations Keywords. To disable the Location field visit  Customize ▸Listings ▸Search Filters. 
  • If you would like to search by specified regions only then you can install Predefined Regions and check Filter by Region in Listings ▸ Settings

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