Collect Custom Address Information

By default the WP Job Manager plugin collects only a set list of information when geocoding an address. If you need to collect extra information, such as a suite number, this is possible.

To find out what Google is classifying your information as, you can see the result of the geocoding by adding the address to the following URL:

For example:, Florida

You can see Google collects the apartment number as “subpremise”. The following code will:

  • Save the “subpremise” custom meta information
  • Create a “{subpremise}” tag that can be used when creating a custom address format.

Simply replace all instances of “subpremise” with the piece of information you would like to collect.

You’ll then need to follow the article on how to  Add a Custom Address Format to the theme but use the {subpremise} tag (which is the apartment/suite number) when creating your custom format.

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