How to Hide/Show Listing Owner Contact Details For Paid Members Only

With the theme’s latest update, you can enable visibility options for the listing owner for the users interested in the listing.

As a site admin, you can control the visibility of the contact details to only users who have a paid plan on your site. Anyone without a paid plan will not be able to see the listing owner’s contact details.

To enable this option head over to your site’s admin > Appearance > Widgets > Single Listings Sidebar, and under the Listify – Listing Map and Contact Details widget you can ensure that the options for “Display Phone number for Paid Members and Display Email for Paid Members” are enabled/disabled.

You can also achieve the same result by heading over to Appearance > Customize, then access a listing from the customizer and then edit the sidebar widget for map and contact details and make sure the options above are enabled/disabled if you wish to hide/show them for paid members as shown below:

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