How To Setup Listing Labels & Show Them in your Single Listing Page.

With the theme, you can use the Listing Labels taxonomy to create labels or generally tags that are related to your listing.

To do so you would need the Listing Labels Plugin.  Once you have downloaded the plugin, simply install it in your WordPress Site.

You can Proceed and access the Labels under Listings > Listing Labels. These are similar to any other WordPress taxonomies such as the default post categories and tags.

Go ahead and create multiple labels related to your listing site. They should be able to group your listings that have some commonality as well.

Note: Please ensure that your new listing labels are linked to at least a single listing post for them to be displayed in the pages.

To display them on the Single listing page you need to use a widget for that. Go ahead to Appearance > Widgets > and under the Single Listing Main Content you can place the Listing Label widget at your preferred position.

Once done you should have the labels displaying on your single listing page as shown in this single listing demo page.

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