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This article requires WP Job Manager – Stats to be installed and activated.

Everyone loves stats, including your customers! Owners of listings on your WordPress site will love the WP Job Manager Stats plugin, which allows them to view traffic statistics to their listing. And because it gives you an additional opportunity to monetize top-tier listing packages, we reckon you’ll love it too.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what this plugin has to offer, so check out what’s included in our first release.

View Listing Traffic (for Listing owners)

With WP Job Manager Stats, listing owners are able to view how many people are visiting their listing. With the front end dashboard, they can easily see total visits, and unique visits (based on IP address information). Owners of listings can quickly filter the period they wish to see stats for with the handy date range picker; for example, they might like to look at one week, one month, or even one year. With this plugin, business owners have access to real statistics which may help them improve their listing page, or increase marketing to promote their business – a win-win for everyone!

Set Stats for Paid Listings (for Site owners)

As a site owner, you have the option of toggling listing page stats so they are visible for paid listings only. For example, if you have “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” listing packages (each with different features, and therefore different prices), you could set stats to be available to “Gold” package listing owners only. This gives your top-tier listing packages more value, and your listing owners more features. The “Require paid listing” option is easily found in the plugin settings in the WordPress admin. Once this is enabled, another checkbox is added to your paid listing package allowing you to quickly link stats to your preferred package. WP Job Manager Stats is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

Other Features

Within the plugin settings in the WordPress admin you can also:

  • Set the default number of days worth of data/statistics to be shown in the front-end dashboard.
  • Purge statistics data on deletion of the plugin.

Smart site owners show customers stats. Be better than average. Get statistical with WP Job Manager – Stats.

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