Change Styling Options in Job listings page

There are several ways you can change the look/appearance of your job listing pages in different sections with the Astoundify – Job Designer plugin.

Please note that the Astoundify-Job Designer plugin requires the Redux Framework plugin in order to function correctly. It’s important to have both plugins installed and activated to avoid any compatibility issues or errors.

Go to WP-Admin > Astoundify Job Designer > All Jobs. Some of the styling options include:

  1. Backgrounds – You can adds styles for all backgrounds on the overall listings page. You can select a color, set it to transparent or upload an image. Next, you can change the background options, such as repeat, size, attachment, and position. Some of the sections that can be styled with this option include the main search area, search input field, search button, search filters, featured, and normal listings.
  2. Borders: – This option will let you add borders within the different sections of the job listing pages.
  3. Font:– You can change typography options in several sections which include font settings within the overall listings page.
    Some font settings that you can set according to your preference include: Font Family, Backup Font Family, Font Weight & Style, Font Subsets, Text Align, Text Transform, Font Color, Font Size, and Line Height
  4. Padding/Margin:- To increase the spacing between various sections in the job listing page you can adjust the padding and margin sizes.
  5. Dimensions:- This option allows your users to choose the width/height of the job search input fields..

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