How to install and use Auto Location

This Plugin helps users show location suggestions relevant to their users based on the location or address they enter on that location search field.

Rather than users having to guess a location to search their listings, the plugin automatically suggests the location based on the first characters the user enters.

Plugin Installation and License Activation

The plugin should be installed just like any other WordPress plugin out there. Since the plugin is premium you should install it manually by going to Plugins > Add New.

Next, click on upload new plugin and fetch the zip file from your local storage.

Once installed and activated head over to the Astoundify Licenses and click on Auto Location.

On the next page, it should prompt you to insert the Licence key provided during purchase.

After that save the changes and this should prompt you to activate the license as well.

Plugin Options.

The plugin is housed with minor options considering its functionality is also minimal.

To access these settings head over to Listings > Auto Location.

The settings entail the following

  1. Google Maps API Key: You can add your Google Maps API key which will be used for showing location suggestions. This is a required field to fill. If you do not know how to get one please refer here.
  2. Limit by Geography: By setting this option to “Yes” this allows you to limit the locations being suggested by Geographical aspects. If you set this to “No”, it will result in suggestions from all over the world. Ideal if you’ve got an international job board.
  3. Limit by types: This will allow you to limit or show the suggestions based on either regions or specific cities. This will depend on if you want users to cover a wider scope of region or target a specific place based on your listings.
  4. Country Code: Allows you to limit the suggestions based on the inserted country codes (e.g. FR for France). A full list of country codes is available here. Country code needs to be uppercase and consist of 2 letters only.
  5. Language: Similarly as above, this will allow you to  limit the suggestions based on the inserted language for instance DE for Germany.
  6. Custom HTML Selectors: This is commonly used to force the Auto Location popup onto an input field of your choice. You can apply class names or IDs on this section. This is best used by advanced users.

By doing so you should be able to have a complete auto-suggest feature as shown below:

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