Modalify Popup Pro Settings

In this section, the users have an option to set the various settings of their popup. The settings in the plugin comprise of three sections which are the PopUp Global Settings, the PopUp Welcome Settings, and the PopUpExit Settings.

In this section, you can enable or disable the modal popup completely if you want.

Moreso on the next part should you opt to enable it, you can set the pages on your site to which it will be displayed. Depending on the post types you have on your WP site you can select which ones you want the PopUps to be displayed. That is Posts, Pages, Products, etc.

Next is the option to add a cookie prefix. You can use it to separate cookies from different sites on the same domain.

Lastly in this section is an option to enable a modal popup in mobile devices. This can be checked to enable it or uncheck to disable this functionality on mobile.

This option allows you to set which pop-up to be used for welcome purposes on your site once you have a new visitor.

Next, it allows you to set on which pages it should be displayed.

Similarly, as above, this option allows you to set which pop up to be used for exit purposes on your site when your site visitor opts to leave your site.

In addition, it also allows you to set on which pages it should be displayed as well.

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