What User Locator is Used for?

We recently released a new plugin which is User Locator. Just by what the name suggests, it is basically for getting the address of the user.

User locator geolocates a user’s location and automatically populates the ‘Location’ search field. However, it does require an SSL certificate to work. Please ensure that your site is SSL enabled for this plugin to work.

It uses three adresses which it follows based on priority to check the user’s location. Within the 3 adress options you can use whichever formart you want amongest these:

  • Formatted Address
  • Street Address
  • Route
  • Neighborhood
  • Locality
  • Administrative Area level 1 – 3
  • Postal Code
  • Postal Town
  • Country

The address 1 to 3 is the format it follows when doing this where address 1 has the highest priority and address 3 with the lowest priority.

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