Can Users Attach Coupons to Their Listings?

 Yes! There are two methods that can be used to attach a coupon to a listing.

  1. Add a custom field to the submission form for a text-based coupon.
  2. Allow users to create products through WooCommerce (which include images, full descriptions, etc)

via a Custom Field

The easiest way is to add a new field via the WP Job Manager – Field Editor add-on. This will allow you to create a new text field that can contain a coupon.

Next simply add the “Custom Field” widget via “Appearance > Widgets” and output your coupon field where you would like.

via WooCommerce Product Vendors

For this method, you need two plugins:

Once you have these two plugins users will be be able to become vendors on your website and create products in WooCommerce. When they submit a listing they will be able to choose their previously created product (coupon) to attach to the listing.

Finally, simply visit “Appearance > Widgets” and add the “Listify: Listing – Products (main)” or “Listify: Listing – Products (sidebar)” to one of your widget areas.

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