Order Recent Listings Widget Randomly

If you would like to display the listings inside the Recent Listings widget in a random order (or any other order), you will need to use the [jobs] shortcode provided by WP Job Manager.

  1. Make sure to enable shortcodes inside widgets by adding the below code snippet into your child theme’s functions.php file:

  2. Drag the text widget into the Homepage Widget Area:

  3. Add the [jobs] shortcode into the text widget. Here you can customize the order, number, category and more of the listings to display. For more details on the shortcode, please refer to the WP Job Manager Shortcode page. In our example, we will display 9 listings in random order from any category:

  4. (optional) Since you’re using the [jobs] shortcode, some of the styling of the widget will be off. You can use the below CSS code snippets to make the widget appear almost identical to the Recent Listings widget. Add the custom CSS to your child theme’s style.css file:

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